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Jeacar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was found in 1997, developing & producing car multimedia navigation system and accessories for the past 20 years.
In purpose to provide high-end products to customers, we cooperate with Foxconn Technology Group for better quality production line.
With up to 2,000 cooperate 4S stores from top 10 Motor companies, our supply chain and network is well grown and experienced in China, which could tell our products is fully proven for being durable, outstanding & great after sales services.

Company news

Jeacar big brands debut in Shenzhen exhibition, the most "strong" new hot cited
In February 15, 2017, jeacar this time with a strong team and the "strong" new strong in Fourteenth China (Shenzhen) International Auto Service Industry Exhibition (AAITF), attracting dealers from across the country


New Dongfeng Nissan Qi Jun is expected to debut at the 2014 Beijing auto show
In the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show debut, the car after a new design, the introduction of a new CMF modular platform, while using a more practical three rows of seven layout.