Carrying the dream and then continue the legend - car as Ji Jiu Accord ten

      Remember the car as the eight generations of Accord created the legend? This is enough to affect the development process of the DVD navigation market epoch-making products, creating a car as a special development of the myth of the car, and now this legend will continue. With the Honda Accord on behalf of the September 23 listing of the car, as the three-generation DVD navigation special machine with heavyweight debut. Looking around the entire car DVD navigation industry, can also launch the Accord 9x 2.0EX Deluxe Edition, 2.4EX Deluxe Edition DVD navigation program only car as Jie.

      Nine generations of the Accord compared to eight generations, which control, interior design comprehensive upgrade, in the launch of the six models, there are five high-profile car is 7.5 / 7 inch up and down dual-screen configuration, another low configuration is 8-inch single screen. Really able to develop only two models, and the two models of the original car has been screen, the overall design and the original car is very deep, the traditional integration or split design is difficult to meet the requirements of the nine generations of Accord installation The Car as Jie Jie can also be introduced to meet the two models of special machine program, on the one hand is the accumulation of technical heritage, on the other hand value of this car a huge commercial value, the continuation of eight generations of Accord legend.

The first bright spot:9-inch large screen, wide viewing angle

    9-generation Accord 2.0EX Deluxe Edition The original car is equipped with 8-inch LCD large screen, separated from the plexiglass cover, can not touch directly by hand, all the control depends on the lower button, especially in the middle of the knob, similar In the BMW iDrive design, but the function is not so powerful. This display specifically displays the original car information, such as CD, radio, fuel consumption, etc., to support the original car rear view, no navigation and DVD function. Car as the design of the special machine program is to remove the original car glass cover, the screen upgrade to 9 inches, navigation and screen integration together. DVD installed in the original car control the lower storage box location.