Use guide

1、SD card Navione folder for the navigation program, please do not arbitrarily cut, so as to avoid the navigation program anomaly; and we should pay attention to the virus protection program navigation.

2、map card machine with the original card and do not swap, if need please upgrade and jeacar contact customer service personnel.

3、I do not open in the navigation state out of the SD card, otherwise it will damage the map file or cause system crashes.

4、It is different because of various brands of U disk manufacturers standards, will lead to part of the U disk can not be identified, proposed to replace the U disk.

5、I do not only rely on navigation, can only be used as reference information, because the system involved in road traffic signs, and can be used for service information may not always up-to-date, need to update the map. If the road traffic sign changes, the path wizard will provide error messages, such as one-way traffic, wrong directions, etc..

6、This navigation system is only used for driver assistance judgment, not necessarily for the accurate measurement of any direction, location, distance, terrain.

7、because of the difference of various brands of mobile phone with Bluetooth module and different software, some features may vary in actual use, or even not compatible, please understand!

8、This machine by reversing visual function only for parkassist, for reference only.

9、This machine can only play 12 cm discs, and only in a CD, please do not be 8 cm disc or other objects into the machine.

10、Please use the standard. Do not use non genuine CD, CD or DVD quality standard, or they may cause malfunction or affect the service life.

11、You do not use this product in a humid environment and water, to avoid electric shock, damage caused by fire and due to short circuit.

12、This remote control cannot normal operation, please check or replace the battery (normally the battery life is generally 6 months).

13、the product display using precision electronic structure, do not use hand strength on the TFT display, so as not to damage or damage to the product.

14、If you touch the character position deviation, can be corrected by the touch screen calibration, correction, cross center point must be accurate, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of touch.

15、 for your safe driving and driving do not operate the machine or watch.